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FN 503 Slim Pistol

[…] and is similar to the SIG SAUER P365 and newer Springfield Armory Hellcat. However, unlike those micro-pistols with half-stack magazines, […]

5 Appendix Carry Tips

[…] 642, and, just for the sake of argument, a GI Springfield 1911. How do these people sit down? In the […]

New Products Nov/Dec 2019 Issue

Hogue Inc. Hogue’s latest HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeve fits the Springfield XD-E. This HandALL line is Hogue’s response to requests […]

Trigger Nometry

[…] feeling trigger of the bunch. Among the striker-fired pistols, the Springfield XDm has what I feel is the best trigger, […]

Hi-Power Mods

[…] rescue team used them at one time. New “clones” by Springfield Armory and Fabrique Nationale Herstal have reinvigorated interest by […]

New Products Sept/Oct 2019 Issue

[…] is offered for several subcompact handguns including the GLOCK 43, Springfield XD-S and Smith & Wesson M&P Shield (9mm, .40, […]