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The Heckler & Koch Volkspistole

[…] drives most everything. Whether your autoloading pistol has FN, HK, Springfield, S&W, or Glock etched into the frame, it’s John […]

Safe Storage

[…] Columbus, Concord, Denver, Hartford, Lansing, Madison, Montpelier, Olympia, Portland and Springfield. Don’t have to worry much about Cheyenne, Wyoming or […]

Loading The .38 Super

[…] the 11/4″ range. My second oldest .38 Super is a Springfield Armory Mil-Spec. This excellent shooting 1911 also groups both […]

Pocket Power Carry

I use this one all the time to carry a Springfield Armory XD-S 9mm pistol. The metal reinforced top allows […]

Vantage Point Fizzics ‘R Us

[…] projectile, weighing in at a whopping 60 grains. From a Springfield 1911, it measured 2,377 fps. Let’s stop and think […]

5 Appendix Carry Tips

[…] 642, and, just for the sake of argument, a GI Springfield 1911. How do these people sit down? In the […]

Insights From Accuracy Testing

[…] side, the 160-grain TAC-XP load averaged 1,240 fps from a Springfield Armory TRP 1911 and printed a .90″ group from […]