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Gun Rights: Why Are We Armed?

[…] a firearm far exceeds the value of a broadsword. Sam Colt’s great equalizer works on the person-to-person scale, and writ […]

Handloading Season

[…] empties in .32 H&R Magnum, a box worth of .45 Colt empties, some .30-06 Springfield and some empty .41 Magnum […]

Spotlight New Gear May/June 2023 Issue

Wilson Combat Wilson Combat’s Adjustable Target/Tactical Rear Sight for the Colt 2020 Python and Anaconda is a rugged, fully adjustable replacement rear sight of […]

The Magic Wheel

[…] stores and gun shows often display a selection of older Colt and S&W revolvers, representing the glory days when revolvers […]

The Gift

[…] lying on a Form 4473 when he allegedly bought a Colt Cobra a few years ago, is still simmering across […]

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