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Home-Made Mortars

[…] living room wall. You might even own the very 1873 Colt Peacemaker than Moses himself had strapped to his hip […]

Executive Action

[…] recent opportunity to shake hands with a true classic, a Colt Diamondback chambered for the .22 long rifle cartridge — […]

Handgun Esthetics

Why are so many of today’s handguns ugly? Do handgun manufacturers test design applicants for a sense of esthetics and […]

Walther’s Q4 SF

[…] Aren’t they heavy? Why, sure. Heavy like my 40 oz. Colt Q45 Marine 1911. Heavy like the new SIG 320 […]

Brains Over Ballistics

[…] a small frame revolver — a J-Frame Smith or a Colt Detective — shoved into a pocket. It was extremely […]


[…] probably cost the family the price of a first generation Colt SAA. His favored resting place is atop the brown […]

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