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The Little .22s

If you’re planning to own just one .22 handgun it probably shouldn’t be a pocket pistol. Medium-size sport pistols have […]

Da Auto Evolution

What’s Old Is Often New Firearms design takes odd twists and turns along the way. Sometimes better technology comes along, […]

2002 Articles

[…] Sep/Oct 2002 Symphony In Steel 56 HSO0258 Down-sized delights – Walther’s P-22 brings a new meaning to the term “Mini-Gun.” […]

Exclusive Issue Content

[…] are available online only. M&P Ported, Practical Perfection, Ruger’s Mark IV Target Pistol, Walther’s Q4 Semi-Auto, Gear Spotlight and much more.

American Handgunner Photo Gallery 2015

January/February 2015: Walther PPQ M2 9mm March/April 2015: Stan Chen Custom 1911 May/June 2015: Tussey’s Multi-Caliber Marvel July/August 2015: S&W’s […]

Chicken Or Eggs

[…] very first time I picked up one of those Colt-named, Walther manufactured AR .22s I bought it on the spot. […]

Church Insecurity

[…] the Taurus Tracker, then the Sig P220 followed by the Walther P99C. The LCP had the honor of last place. […]

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