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Lessons From A Cop-Killer

Colt 1877 DA was a favorite of Hardin’s by the time of his death. It ain’t about the guns, it’s […]

Pick Your Poison

[…] bullets, from .32 Auto all the way up to .45 Colt. The only caliber I’ve had trouble achieving acceptable results […]

Bacon-Wrapped Apple Pie?

[…] $450 is a bargain. It’s a perfect match for the Colt Woodsman. Also from Dozier is the K-20 Canoe model. […]

Experiencing Gunsite

[…] handguns, something all men with experience seem to appreciate. The Colt 1911 in .45 ACP was a particular favorite. The […]

Dan Wesson: Red Hot 9mm’s

[…] manufactured for them by VZ. A few years ago when Colt debuted the Wiley Clapp models, their stocks tapered to […]

What? Huh? No .22 Rifles

[…] Learning to shoot a handgun is tough enough with a Colt Woodsman or S&W K-22. In reality the .22 was […]

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