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Biometric Micro Vault

That’s a handful to say, but in actuality, it works very simply. The Micro Vault (from GunVault) uses biometric — […]


[…] Old Model SAs have 10, New Models have nine and Colt SAAs (and replicas) have 11 external screws that are […]

SIG Sauer’s M17

[…] scads of companies dipped their toes in the water, only Colt, Savage, and DWM of Germany really played to win. […]


[…] to follow official silhouette shooting rules. If you use your Colt Duke pellet revolver, reduce the distances accordingly. They’re great […]

Revolver Extras

[…] I carry mine with this Bowen Custom Model 25 .45 Colt sixgun and it’s comfy and secure. If you have […]

Long Range Rugers

[…] they were built on the same size frame as the Colt Single Action resulting in a very trim, lightweight sixgun […]

dinosaur hunting

[…] gun store and spent the money instead on a new Colt Python. His wife was not amused then, and is […]

Parts Gun Rebirth

Nighthawk Custom Builds Your Dream Gun! Back in the ’70s and early ’80s it was routine to buy a new […]

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