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The Gunfighter Load, Explained

A long-time fan of revolvers like this .45 Colt USFA Colt clone, Special Assignments Editor Roy Huntington explains how to […]

Specialization Is For Insects

[…] Glocks, or Winchester lever actions, or sporting clays shotguns, or Colt SAA revolvers — and the list goes on. But […]

A Tale of Two Nines

[…] year not only has Diamond Dot gifted me with a Colt Lightweight Commander 9mm produced more than 50 years ago, […]

Large Frontal Mass

[…] legitimate comparison I could imagine — .45 ACP versus .45 Colt. Any other comparison would seem like apples and oranges. […]

The Frankengun & Freud

[…] seductive, a perfect packin’ piece, with plenty of personality. Did I mention it’s chambered in my all-time favorite cartridge, .45 Colt?

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