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A Compelling Trio

[…] 1911 chambered in 9mm. At one time I had a Colt Commander Nine, however I let that one get away […]

Pick Your Poison

[…] bullets, from .32 Auto all the way up to .45 Colt. The only caliber I’ve had trouble achieving acceptable results […]

Carrying Junk?

[…] the notion I was going to carry his Series 70 Colt. I sent the gun to Jason Burton from Heirloom […]

Recoil And Discomfort

[…] a locked breech .380? Mainly because there aren’t many made. Colt used to make a locked breech .380, which was […]


[…] holster made long ago by a lawman for his 1917 Colt held onto it like a suitor would the palm […]

Dan Wesson: Red Hot 9mm’s

[…] manufactured for them by VZ. A few years ago when Colt debuted the Wiley Clapp models, their stocks tapered to […]

Keith No. 5 Grip Frames

[…] the years, using a variety of basic guns from USFA, Colt and Ruger. While interest remains high, commissions don’t come […]

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