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Growin’ Old With Guns

[…] kindred spirits would understand, leaving non-believer’s mute and clueless. Old Colts, classic Smith & Wessons, carried by both lawmen and […]

Dry-Firing Facts

[…] I don’t dry-fire at all, even with snap caps. The Colt target model (left) and S&W K22 were made in […]

The Star Model B 9mm

[…] 1″. The Star Model B’s external extractor differs from the Colt 1911 yet seems to work just fine. This 1945 […]


[…] probably cost the family the price of a first generation Colt SAA. His favored resting place is atop the brown […]

Dream Hunt

[…] FN .454 at 1,350 and 1,500 fps and a .45 Colt of the same weight at 1,250 fps. Both shot […]