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The “I”s Have It

[…] the I-Frame forward, just about every revolver coming out of Springfield, Massachusetts, generally looked like we think a Smith is […]

The Knocabout Revisited:

[…] to shout and twist some arms. Consider the gauntlet thrown down, eh? Ruger, Springfield Armory, Mossberg … are you guys listening?

A Kiss Goodbye

[…] the stoop of a tiny orphanage in farmlands southwest of Springfield, Ill., sleeping in a wooden crate atop some diapers. […]

A Full-Service Sidearm

[…] original one I experienced at the long-ago media unveiling in Springfield, Mass., was in .40 S&W and wouldn’t shoot 180-gr. […]

Trigger Nometry

[…] feeling trigger of the bunch. Among the striker-fired pistols, the Springfield XDm has what I feel is the best trigger, […]

Magazine Management

[…] 9mm magazines. My shooting buddy Steve Kukowski has a custom Springfield Armory 9mm which we used to test a couple […]

Trigger Press: Striker-Fired Semi-Auto

[…] trigger press. Roy Huntington, editor of American Handgunner, explains the important technique using a strker-fired Springfield XDM 3.8. More Insider Tips