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Super Vel Ammo Is Back!

[…] load also maintained over 1000 fps even in a 2.7″ SIG P238 and 2.7″ Kel-Tec P3AT. Needless to say, Super […]

Military/FBI Caliber Choices:

[…] years and through four wars, the John M. Browning de signed Model 1911 chambered in .45ACP was the “Oh Crap!” […]

.22LR Conversion Units

[…] Power, and some models of the Beretta/Taurus and Glock line. SIG-Sauer offers a conversion unit to fit several of their […]

When Push Comes to Shove

[…] barrels of 6″ on revolvers and 5″ on autoloaders: More sight radius is nice, sure, but the extra weight out […]

Biden Ballistics 101

Biden was holding forth on the latest gun he’d like to ban, which happens to be a typical 9mm pistol.