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Remembering Pippin Skelton

[…] Bart the price of at least a couple of first-generation Colt SAA’s over the years. His favored resting place was […]

A Kimber Trio .380 & 9mm

[…] having a heritage involving not a few genes from the Colt Mustang-type designs. The tiny .380 was so popular, it […]

The Way Of The Weasel

[…] Gene DeSantis for Personal Protection Systems, and a Bill Laughridge-tuned Colt Detective Special with Craig Spegel’s smooth hardwood Boot Grips […]

FNH’S Do-Anything Auto

FNP-45 Competition If the S&W Model 10 revolver was a vehicle it would be a reliable, unpretentious pick-up truck. The […]

The Max-9

[…] real shift from small-frame revolvers like Smith & Wesson J-Frames, Colts or Rugers to small or even “Micro” 9mm autos […]