New Product Of The Day: S-Class Pistol


Cabot Guns. The Cabot S-Class uses advanced aerospace technology and the finest materials to create a precise custom 1911 with an elegant “blind” front sight matching glare-reducing machining on the top strap. Unique and effective cocking serrations feature the Cabot Trinity stripes, and the TriStar trigger and guide rod feature the company’s signature stars. The

Stuff You Don’t Read


The Back-Beat Story On Connor-Style T&E’s. The shop was quiet. I sat with electronic range muffs on and my eyes closed, holding a pistol to the left side of my head. I was slowly squeezin’ the trigger when the door squeaked open and RJ blurted, “Sir? What the heck are you doin’?!” He’s our youngest

Hoffner Beast


The Hoffner Beast certainly is. Police officer, anti-terror expert and self-defense trainer Brian Hoffner designed it as such. Check out

The Most Popular Police SIG


Although the polymer-framed, striker-fired designs predominate in police pistols today, the all-metal, hammer-fired double-action semiautomatic has not left the law