Shooting Industry Masters Charity Auction: Armscor-TCM22 .22-TCM/9mm Combo


Shooting Industry Masters Auction Benefiting The USA Shooting Team! TCM ROCK Standard MS HC Combo – 22TCM/9mm Customized by TMT The TCM ROCK Standard MS HC Combo in 9mm and .22TCM delivers blazing performance using a .22 caliber bullet travelling over 2,000 fps! The gun is out-fitted with an original Armscor cartridge creating excellent muzzle

A Close Look At Optics


It’s Not All About Crosshairs! Red dot sights pretty much revolutionized handgun optics but now and again, an “old fashioned” set of cross-hairs are needed. Toss in accessories like cleaners and bore scopes and more, and you get a “clearer” picture to help make your next hunt or range trip a “sight” worthy of remembering.

The 9MM Ruger LCR


Some of my gun-friends of the “big-bore” persuasion will occasionally snicker at my choice of a primary carry-piece: a Kel-Tec

The Lee Loader


Read This And Learn How To Reload. While shooting a video recently on how to use the Lee Loader, it