Best Of — GunCrank Diaries

The Tootsie Roll Tale


A Veterans Day Story. For too many Americans, November 11th signals “that 3-day weekend before Thanksgiving.” Others know it’s Veterans

The Cheshire Man


We’ll call my friend Bill and his oldest dog Bruno, okay? It happened in a small, nice suburban development in

Assume This Not That


If You Want To Live The brief: 100-year-old maples form unbroken arches of emerald leaves, shading streets of well-tended craftsman-built

Chalk & Cheese


God bless my ol’ buddy Nigel. Now retired from long service with a Guards Regiment and then SAS, each time

Sharp & Frags


You Asked For It Hot, sweaty, stumbling, dusty. Ticked off over bein’ muzzle-swept by morons all day.  Pour BIG adult