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Do Cops Want Armed Teachers?

By Massad Ayoob ILEETA, the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, is the leading organization for advanced multi-dimensional training

A Police Handgun

“In The Middle” By Massad Ayoob Some LE agencies, such as NYPD and Las Vegas Metro, no longer issue handguns

Seamless Light:

A New LE Lighting Tool By Massad Ayoob The object in my hand is shaped like a stylized small Remy

Fingers & Triggers

By Massad Ayoob The jurors said the reason they convicted NYPD Officer Peter Liang of manslaughter (see Ayoob Files in

The Pin Shoot

And… Are Cops Warriors Or Peace Officers? By Massad Ayoob I was a 20-something patrolman when I shot the Second

Learning From Lawyers

By Massad Ayoob I’m writing this just after returning from the Texas Bar Association’s annual CLE (Continuing Legal Education) conference

To Flap Or Not?

By Massad Ayoob Of all the gear on an officer’s belt, the holstered handgun is by far the most conspicuous,