New Product Of The Day: Taurus Curve


Taurus Curve. The Taurus Curve is engineered to fit the unique contours of your body with no visible printing. It features an LED light and laser built into the frame, smooth lines, a snag-free design, bore-axis sighting system for instinctual shooting and a built-in holster-free belt clip. The .380 ACP pistol features a 6+1 capacity.

Exclusive: RACTAB Charging Handle

call square

Someone’s bound to think it, if not say it: “What is that thing on the back of your GLOCK?” That, friends, is another in a long list of accessories I enjoy having on my GLOCK 19 (Gen 2). For the record, other features on this particular gun include Truglo night sights, a custom color finish

The Southern Bear


Bear & Son Cutlery Growls Deep Within The Heart Of Dixie. While the majority of cutlery manufacturers are clustered in