New Product Of The Day: GEMTECH Suppressor


The ONE suppressor is designed to fit an abundance of caliber ratings, from .17 HM2 to .300 WSM. It’s made of Titanium and Inconel, performs to SOCOM standards and features a sound reduction of 32dB. The suppressor measures 7.5 inches and weighs 16.3 ounces. The ONE is finished in black Cerakote and has an interchangeable

Exclusive: Hammer, Pry Bar, 4×4 Post, & GLOCK Knife


In an earlier review of a GLOCK Survival Knife, reader “Roderick” challenged me to drive the GLOCK knife through a 4″ piece of wood. So I did. You can read all about the GLOCK Survival Knife by clicking the link above. For these purposes, just know that it’s a very durable knife, just as rugged

The .38-44


Big, Brawn Bruisers. The first of many “shooting buddies” came in my senior year of high school — 1966/1967. His