New Product Of The Day: LaserMax


LaserMax Inc. has partnered with Beretta to produce a LaserMax-equipped Beretta Pico with a red laser (LMS-PICO-R) or light (LMS-PICO-L).  The Beretta Pico and LaserMax frame combinations will be offered as completed firearm assemblies as well as sold separately as an upgrade to the base model. In both LaserMax configurations, the light source, electronics and

Exclusive: What You See is What You Get


You’ve seen some of FMG’s Insider Tips videos — everything from .22 to 12 gauge, from concealed carry to mounting a gun on your ATV. In each video, Roy Huntington provides clear instruction and helpful tips for whatever topic he’s addressing, always in his friendly, easy-going manner. Today I am pointing you in the direction

The Southern Bear


Bear & Son Cutlery Growls Deep Within The Heart Of Dixie. While the majority of cutlery manufacturers are clustered in