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More Than Equal

When my editor assigned me to an upcoming concealed carry class, I cringed. Not another “ladies-only concealed carry course,” I thought. Needless to say, I settled in for a long two days. Boy, was I wrong.
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Industry News


Hundreds of Second Amendment activists and gun rights leaders are gathering this weekend in Phoenix for the 34th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, and...
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For the past several weeks, a handful of Democrat presidential hopefuls have been trying to out-do one another in proposing dramatic gun control schemes if
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Majority of gun...

A recent Rasmussen survey confirmed what gun owners have known for a long time: A majority of armed citizens (58%) feel safer because they have a firearm in...
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Can't-Miss Rimfires

While small game hunting may not invoke the thrill and excitement of big game pursuits, it doesn’t require expensive equipment, high-dollar guide fees,...
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Americans simply live to customize stuff. Aftermarket widgets abound to amp up our automobiles, cell phones, fashions — even teeth. In no place is this...
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The Air-Powered...

We can’t always get to the range to shoot our fire and brimstone guns, and frontyard ranges tend to upset the neighbors — at least some neighbors.
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The camp you subscribe to is telling of your character, or lack thereof. Obviously, the “other” camp is just plain ignorant about the subject matter,...
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Range Bags

Have I ever driven to the range, started setting up on a shooting bench, and found I’d forgotten an important item of shooting gear? Are you kidding?...
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Are Your Bullets PC?

When it comes to cast bullets, we can find ourselves in a Catch-22. Many sixgun hunters prefer hollowpoint bullets for thin-skinned game, and therein lies...
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Ladies Guns

Gunwriters and gun store clerks have tossed around the idea of “ladies guns” for a long time. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about...
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One Eye — Or Two?

Should I shoot with one eye open — or two? The short answer is two. Most shooters, most of the time, are better off with both eyes open. Most of the top...
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shooting back...

Because some communities really really don’t want to get shot up, they are preparing — seriously preparing — to shoot back if some miscreant psycho...
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