The Ruger American Pistol

100 Percent American-Made. 100 Percent Reliable

Kahr TP9 GEN2 Premium

Style and Performance!

Les Baer’s Custom Carry Commanche

A Sublimely Superior 10mm

Big Bore Meets Big Block

Like its Boss 429 Mustang namesake, this
1911 delivers big block performance

Pedigreed Defensive Precision

Walther's New Flagship PDP Pistols

Cream of the Crop: Wilson Combat SFT9 9mm

Bravo Concealment LINKed Holster

If you’re an appendix carrier or considering the method, a spare mag solution is clearly in the benefits column. Consider the new LINKed Holster from...
Read Full Article Tom McHale

About five years ago, while knocking together a couple of holsters for a fall gun show, one of them didn’t turn out quite right and I tossed it aside,...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Driving While Armed

The trickiest things about carrying inside a vehicle are being mindful of changing laws driving cross country, being able to access the arm while driving...
Read Full Article Serena Juchnowski
Mourning The Loss Of Big Bore Mentor...

This past Sunday, noted big bore enthusiast and gunsmith extraordinaire John Linebaugh passed away while doing what he loved most, working one of his...
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
10-round Hellcat Pro 9mm pistol from springfield armory
Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro Now...

For those living in locations requiring restricted magazine capacities, the Springfield Armory Hellcat Pro 9mm pistol is now available in a 10-round variation.
Read Full Article Handgunner Staff
Galco Parabellum 2.0 Shoulder Holster System
Galco Parabellum 2.0 Shoulder...

What's better than one spare mag? Two! Galco’s newly improved Parabellum 2.0 Shoulder System carries both pistol and spare magazines in a horizontal...
Read Full Article Handgunner Staff
Overlooked, Underloved

Handgun hunters have considerable choice of cartridges suitable for hunting. Heck, I would hate to guess the number of rounds capable of taking deer and...
Read Full Article Mark Hampton
The assassination of James Garfield by the lunatic Charles Guiteau was made all the worse by the misadventures of the presidential physicians.
When Doctors Killed The President

Given the internet-fueled insanity that has been American government for the last decade or so, one might be forgiven for believing that crazy people doing...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
The Sixguns Of John Gallagher

The first sixgun John Gallagher ever built for me was several years ago and it’s my Big Little Sixgun — actually a big sixgun shooting a small...
Read Full Article John Taffin
Wooden Wonders

Look again. These are both fully functional guns, a Colt Single Action Army and an 1851 Navy.
Read Full Article Roy Huntington

Springfield Armory 1911
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Gary Reeder's...

Since 1967 I’ve been shooting cap and ball revolvers — replicas and/or originals — of Colts and Remingtons dating from the Civil War era. So when his...
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Diamondback AM2

Concealed carriers are the most responsible citizens in society. The folks at Diamondback Firearms know this, and have something to offer fiscally...
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.357 Magnum DA...

Elmer Keith was instrumental along with Phil Sharpe in laying the groundwork for the .357 Magnum by using heavy loads in the .38/44 Heavy Duty, an N-Framed...
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Olamic Cutlery

The most sought after tactical knives typically fall into two categories: overbuilt bruisers and stylish slicers. Olamic Cutlery of Visalia, California is...
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Defensive Realities

This may be heresy, but the fact is handguns aren’t very good weapons.
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Big Guy — Or...

Since I’m on the smaller side, I reached out to some of my bigger buddies to pick their brains on how they carry concealed. They all agreed it was...
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blue background with that text that reads best shot ever
Best Shot Ever!

In this episode, the Gun Cranks share the best shots each of them has ever made. While none were record-breaking, they were impressive nonetheless.
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text that reads 'gun cleaning ... why bother?' with the gun cranks logo in the top right corner
Gun Cleaning ... Why Bother?

Too much of a good thing is still too much. The same can be true when it comes to gun cleaning. In this episode of the Gun Cranks, things get dirty as Brent...
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is the .44 magnum too much gun?
Is The .44 Magnum Too Much...

The .44 Magnum was famously called "the most powerful handgun [cartridge] in the world" by Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. But is too much of a good thing...
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