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Viridian E Series Laser For Springfield Hellcat

Following the release of the new Springfield Armory Hellcat, Viridian Weapon Technologies is hot on its heels with an Essential (E Series) Red Laser Sight for the micro-compact 9mm pistol.
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Industry News

Violent crime,...

Earlier this month, Insider Online got hold of the FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2018, and among the revelations is the slight decline in firearm-related...
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Meet Robyn...

It’s not a “new” story; so many others have told similar stories before, had the same experiences and something of an epiphany about guns. But, in...
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And the Survey...

Recent surveys show an overwhelming majority of Americans support background checks for all firearm transactions.
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The Air-Powered...

We can’t always get to the range to shoot our fire and brimstone guns, and frontyard ranges tend to upset the neighbors — at least some neighbors.
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Traditions 1873...

That Sam Colt, he was quite a man. Deserving of: “God made man, but Sam Colt made them equal.” Colt’s Paterson tipped the scales in favor of the bearer.
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The Rock River...

Back in 1996, two brothers named Mark and Chuck Larson started a modest gun company in Cleveland, Illinois, devoted to building the finest 1911 pistols...
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Concealed Carry...

Experienced gun carriers often joke among themselves about the “drawerful” of holsters they’ve accumulated over the years — and don’t use. You can...
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Close Look At:...

When “tactical” lights first came out we all thought 50 lumens was mind-blowing and couldn’t imagine needing more.
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There's No Bad...

The title originated while looking at a two cycle, straight-pipe mountain wilderness pollution machine. I commented to the owner I was no longer up to the...
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Safely Practice...

You can train with a blue gun or a red gun but it won’t be your gun. But when you do non-shooting training drills with your gun — a real gun —
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Being Un-Tactical

Handgun readers include law enforcement, security and military personnel, but the vast majority of us are armed citizens. Our responsibilities are limited...
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LEE Auto Breech...

I’ll admit it; I’m partial to bargains. If it works and gives me the results I’m after, why not use it? I’ve never been a manufacturer-snob. You...
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