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Spotlight New Gear Sept/Oct 2022 Issue

Guns and the gear to carry and outfit them. Check out 2022's latest.
Read Full Article Handgunner Staff
Northern Precision Adds More Calibers

As handloading components continue to be in short supply and high demand, especially amongst less popularly used bullet diameters, Northern Precision has...
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
Ohio Fights Back

By now, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has probably gotten some very nasty notes and messages from the gun prohibition lobby for signing legislation last month that...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
First Look: Armscor AL22M
The Armscor AL22M: Hailstorm of .22...

In this First Look, Special Projects Editor Roy Huntington takes a look at the Armscor AL22M — an eight-shot .22 Magnum revolver.
Read Full Article Roy Huntington
Rim Rock Bullets for Reloaders

For those who’ve yet to pour bullets from the silver stream there’s another option. Custom cast bullet shops like Rim Rock Bullets come to mind.
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
United States Supreme Court rules in favor of right to carry
Supreme Smack Down: 6-3 High Court...

You could tell this was the chance Associate Justice Clarence Thomas has been waiting for, an opportunity to weigh in with a precedent-setting opinion on a...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
The Last Dance

Twenty years; a long time by anyone’s standards and a good run for what began as a gathering of friends to raise money for a good cause.
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Astronomical Flatulence

The space shuttle was 4.48 million pounds of unfiltered awesome. This 122-foot hybrid space plane could boost more than 60,000 pounds into low Earth orbit.
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
are revolvers the perfect gun for new shooters
Are Revolvers Perfect For New Shooters?

The shooting community welcomes all of the over eight million first-time gun owners that we gained over the last two years. How should you welcome a new...
Read Full Article Tom McHale and Roy Huntington
Gunnysack: NOVX Ammo

NOVX Pentagon ammunition uses a patented two-piece stainless steel case instead of the de facto standard “brass.” Why? Weight is a factor. I weighed an...
Read Full Article Tom McHale


Lipsey’s S&W...

Lipsey’s S&W 642 Deluxe Airweight .38 Special personifies the perfect packing pistol for persons who perpetually carry concealed.
Read Full Article
Mossberg MC2sc...

The latest introduction is the Mossberg MC2sc. Shipping with two magazines, a flat base ultra-compact configuration yielding 11+1 total capacity and an...
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The Air-Powered...

We can’t always get to the range to shoot our fire and brimstone guns, and frontyard ranges tend to upset the neighbors — at least some neighbors.
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Pocket Optics

Now those little pistols can peg targets faster — especially in poor light or if your eyes have aged!
Read Full Article
Ammo Making Mania

I know … I know … I’m tired of it too. But I know how to make ammo magically re-appear back on the shelves.
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Holster Mistakes...

For decades I’ve said it’s hard to buy a bad gun and easy to buy a bad holster. If you buy a handgun from a major manufacturer you are very unlikely to...
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