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Howard Leight
Howard Leight New Impact Sport...

Howard Leight has recently expanded its popular Impact Sport headphone line to fit youth, women and those with smaller heads.
Read Full Article Serena Juchnowski
Frankford Arsenal Tumbler
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series...

Frankford Arsenal's Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler holds an impressive amount of brass, capable of cleaning up to 1,000 pieces of .223 brass at a time.
Read Full Article Serena Juchnowski
Handgunner Editor Picks: Alien Gear...

The Alien Gear Driver Defense holster simplifies car carry by positioning your handgun between your legs under the steering wheel.
Read Full Article Serena Juchnowski
Busy Year for NICS Checks

There seems to be a misconception among some people Americans believe there are too many guns “out there” — wherever “there” happens to be....
Read Full Article Dave Workman
The Keith #5 Single-Action Revolver

I’d venture to say the #5 is the most copied, imitated, sought after, and basis, for custom single-action sixguns. A #5 sixgun has its own traits. The...
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
The Rise and Fall and Rise of the...

9mm Luger, 9mm Parabellum, 9x19… Whatever the name, it’s been the world’s most popular centerfire handgun cartridge for decades. Everywhere but in the...
Read Full Article Dave Anderson
A Voice in the Wilderness: Wound Care

Human stupidity can lead to dire situations. This time a voice in the wilderness knew what to do.
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
What Handgun Caliber Do You Really...

Deer and hogs are hunting staples in the lower 48. When using a handgun to hunt, what are the best calibers and why?
Read Full Article Mark Hampton
The Heritage Barkeep Boot Gun Revolver

A scant 1" barrel makes this Barkeep .22 caliber the ultimate concealable revolver.
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
The Worst Military Handgun

Anyone who has studied the history of military handguns must wonder how some ordnance officers formed their concepts of ideal handguns.
Read Full Article Mike "Duke" Venturino


Single Actions...

From 1836 through the Mexican-American War, the War Between the States, the great migration West and even up to the World War I era, the single-action...
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Springfield Armory’s recent addition to their 1911 line, the Ronin, offers classic retro styling combined with modern “improved shootability” features.
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The .32 S&W Long...

Recently I acquired a handgun I’d rather not have. Barrie Gwillim, a shooting buddy and close friend, died last fall and left me a couple of handguns.
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Pocket Optics

Now those little pistols can peg targets faster — especially in poor light or if your eyes have aged!
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Ker-Plunk Vs. Whoosh

For the custom pistolsmith it’s not always about cosmetics, the pistol has to function and be accurate.
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Colt Anaconda 6
Colt Anaconda...

Since 2017, Colt has been resurrecting its legendary Snake Gun series of revolvers. New for 2021, the 6-shot .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda has been redesigned...
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