The New Colt Python

A Delightful Retro-Surprise

Les Baer's American Handgunner Special Edition 1911 .45 ACP

The Readers' 'Dream-Gun!'

Budget Beaters

Affordable Handgun Happiness

Springfield Armory's Micro-Compact Hellcat

A Paradigm Makeover For 9mm Carry Guns?

Retro Time Machines

The Tec-9 And .22

SIG'S P320 X5 Legion
& P365 XL

These 9mm Opposites — Unite!

American Handgunner 1911

Special Edition .45 ACP 1911 In collaboration with Les Baer Custom

Kimber 9mm EVO SP (CS)

Kimber's 'Ultimate' CCW Pistols?

Honor Guard 9mm

An Everyday EDC

Hellcat X2 Commander 9mm

Guncrafter's 18-Round Personal Defender


Revolver Holster Roundup

Finding a quality holster can be overwhelming, so we rounded up 10 new revolver holsters for 2020 that offer a variety of carry options for popular models in both classic and modern materials.
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First Look

Bonds Arms Rowdy...

Watch as American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington fires his first shots with the Bond Arms Rowdy Derringer and gives his review.
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One Of Roy...

The Dan Wesson Vigil CCO 1911 in 9mm is a favorite of American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington.
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Built for defense use and delivering serious firepower, Springfield Armory expands it's SAINT Victor line to include a .308 pistol.
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Trio Of Treats...

What would the state of the sixgunning world be without dreamers? Those who looked at what was and saw what could be.
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An Evolutionary...

Charles Darwin’s controversial book On the Origin of Species formulates his theory of evolution by natural selection. Did man evolve from the monkey?
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The .38-44

The first of many “shooting buddies” came in my senior year of high school — 1966/1967. His name was Mike Bucci, pronounced “Butch” and that’s...
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Off-Season Blues?

For most outdoor pursuits there’s generally a down-time, a time in the year when the activity you enjoy most is at a lull.
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Ruger's .22...

In 1956 I was straight out of high school and purchased my first handgun, a Ruger .22 Single-Six for $63.25. At the time I was working for $0.90 an hour so...
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Keep Those...

Boeshield T-9 (from Brownells) is an extremely effective rust preventative and lubricant that’s just catching on with firearm fans. It was developed by...
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Kimber Deploys...

Kimber has added a great new addition to their already stalwart lineup with the RAPIDE (Black Ice).
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Milt Sparks Holsters

Skeeter Skelton summed it up when he stated, “My holster maker is more important to me than my doctor!”
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3 Questions To...

Your first response to danger should be avoidance and escape. Not being involved in a confrontation is the easiest, safest path to victory.
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Taurus G3 9mm Package

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