• Pocket Power Perfected

    The Springfield XD-S Mod.2 Subcompact is a polymer-framed .45 ACP carry gun thinner than a 9mm GLOCK 43, weighing two oz. less than a .380 ACP Walther PPK/S.

  • Ruger Custom Shop SR1911

    Oh, hi Paul,” I said, answering the phone. It’s always nice to hear from Paul Pluff as he’s usually the bearer of news of note. Paul is a dear old friend in the industry...

  • Better Than I Knew

    With the recently revived Hi-Power getting its deserved resurgence, it’s time to talk about another classic 9mm service pistol due for a little more attention. Introduced,...

  • feature image for

    One and Done: In Search of the Elusive Survival Handgun

    What of the survival handgun? What features should it have? This was the central question in an event I recently attended at Gunsite: if you were limited to a single handgun...

  • HK's USP Expert

    Today, consumers are understandably agog at the company's VP9, and the P30L continues to draw longing stares every time someone watches a John Wick movie. Before those guns,...

XS Sights R3D Night Sights mounted on Kimber K6 Revolver

XS Sights Introduces R3D Night Sights For Kimber K6s Revolver

Owners of the Kimber K6 compact, stainless-steel...

Freedom Munition X-DEF .38 Special caliber ammunition

Freedom Munitions Adds .38 Special To X-DEF Line-Up

Freedom Munitions has again expanded its X-DEF defense...

Star Spangled Banger Desert Eagle from Magnum Research

Star Spangled Banger Desert Eagle From Magnum Research

The limited edition “Star Spangled Banger” Desert...

The Long, Short And Round Of It

One of my colleagues in Florida who has been a semi-auto guy probably from day one admits he’s not that adept with a wheelgun, which is fine, because...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Advantages Of Homegrown Ammo

It’s roughly two weeks to my yearly pilgrimage to the NRA’s Whittington Center and my ammo stash is running low. I need to manufacture some ammo … and...
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
Streamlight TLR-8 sub

The “sub” in this one hints at its small and (extremely) light nature. Designed for compact carry guns like the GLOCK 43X and 48, SA Hellcat, SIG P365...
Read Full Article Tom McHale
Life Lessons In Ceiling Tiles

So, I’m sitting here alone in the semi-darkness, staring at those institutional ceiling tiles wearing one of those absurd open-backed surgical gowns. It...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
Sixguns More Or Less?

All sixguns are revolvers. Yet all revolvers are not sixguns, nor have they ever been. Smith & Wesson's Model 619 and 620.
Read Full Article Mike "Duke" Venturino
Solutions for Big, Less Big, and Small

Like any of us who carry a firearm for whatever reason, I need holsters. And like most of us who live the concealed carry lifestyle, I’m not a big-shot...
Read Full Article John J McCarthy Jr.
Revolver Know How

The trigger on your revolver is difficult to press, requiring more force than it should to complete the firing cycle. But, only on two or three of the...
Read Full Article Tiger McKee
Full Impact

It’s been almost 11 months since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its landmark ruling in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen, a decision...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Ruger’s Biggest Bore: The .480...

In 2015, thumb-busters had a bodacious year with Ruger finally releasing a long awaited 5-shot, single-action Bisley.
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
Never Taunt the Driver …

The mission was to insert an infantry platoon covertly in the desert. For whatever reason, the grunt company commander was tagging along. Unusually, we were...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD

Baer 1911 Boss .45
Pistol Package

Enter To Win New Amazing Prizes Every Month


Les Baer's Black...

It’s easy to figuratively grab a rattle-can of “Dark Earth” and spray last year’s model of just about anything and suddenly you have a “Hot new...
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Legacy Of Steel

The craving and cutting of steel by human hands with handheld tools is always something that has intrigued me.
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SIG's P229/226...

SIG Sauer handgun line: the Legion series of P229 and P226 pistols.
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TOPS Hornero...

Sourdoughs of the Yukon identified “greenhorns” by the telltale sign of the blade they carried. The bigger the blade, the greener the “tenderfoot.”
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Long Hunter .45...

A Perfect Packin’ Pistol — Beater Gun style.
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There are many AIWB holsters on the market; here’s why this one is special. Many AIWB users add a foam pad to the inside surface of the holster body to...
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black powder for self defense
Black Powder For Self-Defense?

Steam locomotives were a cool thing, and they're still around to some extent as tourist attractions, but there are better ways to move trains. GUNS Magazine...
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Guns vs. Italians

Italian gunmakers of the Gardone region export hundreds of thousands of firearms to the US. Having built guns for half a millennium, they’re quite good at...
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white text on blue background that reads
Don't Be A Range Karen!

Back by popular demand, Suzi Huntington rejoins the Gun Cranks for a spirited discussion on how to not be a range Karen.
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