• Bears, Cougars & Dirtbags Beware…There’s A New Sheriff In Town

    One can argue the revolver’s ascendancy as a weapon for self-defense was eclipsed decades ago by the autoloader. As someone who finally retired his five-shot, S&W 649...

  • Modernizing a Classic

    The Girsan High Power (trademarked using that exact spelling, so we’ll write “High Power” throughout this article when talking about this model specifically) is, like...

  • Legend Reborn: Springfield Armory SA-35 Hi-Power

    Now you can own one of history's most classic handgun designs, and in a package you won't be afraid to carry or take to the range. Springfield Armory releases the SA-35...

  • The Ruger American Pistol

    Ruger says about the new American Pistol: “Anything else would be un-American.” I think it’s more than a clever tagline.

  • A pair of Henry Big Boy Revolvers in .357 Magnum

    Henry Big Boys: .357 Magnum

    In the early 1860s, the original Henry Rifle revolutionized warfare. A 16-shot in .44 RF, it proved a small handful of soldiers could win the day if deployed the right way. As...

Galco Underwraps Elite Belly Band

Galco UnderWraps Elite Belly Band

Galco’s UnderWraps Elite belly band—an update of the...

Bond Arms Stinger Fireball

Bond Arms Stinger "Fireball"

Chambered in .22 Magnum or .327 Fed Mag and weighing in...

CrossBreed Holsters Defender Pistol Case

CrossBreed Range Defender Pistol Case

CrossBreed Holsters has expanded its handgun support...

S&W Model 29 at 82 yards

Model 29 .44 Magnum revolver accuracy at 80 plus yards? Watch and listen to find out from FMG's Roy Huntington.
Read Full Article Roy Huntington
L.E. Wilson Headspace Gauges
L.E. Wilson Headspace Gauges

When reloading some .357 SIG the other day, it occurred to me how much I use a quiet and humble set of accessories on my reloading bench.
Read Full Article Tom McHale
Test Yourself Like the Pros

While “drills” is a word that summons up multiplication table flashcards and similar nightmarish thoughts, I have found one way to train, improve my...
Read Full Article Tom McHale
Bullseye! More Versatile Than You Think

Bullseye powder's main purpose is obvious. Just a pinch allows the shooting of light recoiling loads with a consistent velocity spread, providing accurate...
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
Be The Ball!

I had one particularly unfortunate soldier when I was stationed in Alaska. We’ll call him Billy. Billy was a good kid, but he grew up with a dearth of...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
Practical Go-To Gear

Practical gear may fluctuate on different hunting trips, but good lights will almost always be needed at some juncture. Regardless of what you carry in your...
Read Full Article Mark Hampton
Mastering the Finicky .32 ACP

The reason .32 ACP is hard to reload is there are two standards and the specs don’t entirely match. Here are some tips for casting your own.
Read Full Article Lindsey Bertomen
Colt King Cobra Target .22LR
Switched At Birth

My first thought when I picked up the Colt King Cobra Target .22LR was, “Is this a mini-Python?” I had reason to wonder.
Read Full Article Frank Jardim
Smith & Wesson Model 29 in .44 Magnum

FMG's Roy Huntington has shot this 50 year-old 6 1/2" Model 29 .44 Magnum a gazillion times. Is it still appropriate?
Read Full Article Roy Huntington
Home Security

Early last month, a former staff writer for the Washington Post penned an Op-Ed about the night a total stranger entered his home at about 2:35 a.m., walked...
Read Full Article Dave Workman

Inglis GP-35 Pistol Package

Enter To Win New Amazing Prizes Every Month


Diligence And...

Thirty-two years ago, an 11-year-old boy would work all weekend on the family ranch — ignoring the blazing sun — so he could shoot a few magazines...
Read Full Article

Nighthawk Custom’s collaboration with the German makers of the astounding Korth revolver series has helped serve to rewrite expectations on what a...
Read Full Article
SIG’s P320 X5...

A short time ago, SIG SAUER introduced a pair of 9mms that could hardly be farther apart in size and application.
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Retro Custom...

Custom gunsmiths are working overtime to create cool retro guns. The trend has been going on for a few years. It seems that gun owners are looking more to...
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Mag-Na-Port Montage

Just as the budding of new growth strikes a boy’s fancy to the opposite sex every spring, the brilliant colors of fall gnaw at the primal urge in...
Read Full Article
Single Actions...

From 1836 through the Mexican-American War, the War Between the States, the great migration West and even up to the World War I era, the single-action...
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text on blue background that reads
Be Prepared! Water for the...

There's one thing more essential to survival than food, and that's water. After all, it makes up about 50% to 70% of your body weight. This week, the Gun...
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Red text that reads
Be Prepared! Food For the...

The Cranks are back! This time, for a multi-part series on emergency preparedness. Let's kick things off by talking about food. How much land does one...
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red and white text on a dark blue background that reads
Should You Customize Your CCW?

How custom should your carry gun be? This week, the Cranks tackle yet another controversial topic — this time, at the suggestion of Roy Huntington.
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