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Survival Kit Essentials

If you ask Google for survival kit content lists, it’ll come up with well over 80 million hits. Most of the lists are nearly identical. Almost all of them will be some variation of the following:
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Urban Survival

When the subject of survival comes up, people often spend their time discussing how to survive huge natural disasters or long periods alone in the wilderness.
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Tornados, wildfires, chemical spills, floods, blizzards, hurricanes, ice storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, civil unrest, flu pandemic; the list goes on.
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Prepping For...

Thanks to some of the sensationalistic “reality” shows aired in recent years, the word “prepper” often conjures up visions of eccentric...
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Galco FasTrax...

As much as we’d like, gunleather and gym shorts just don’t go together — for numerous reasons. Enter Galco and a reimagined fanny pack for everyday carry.
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I’m guilty! I admit it: I love my Rugers! My first issued police revolver was a Ruger 4" Service-Six, .38 Special. I still shoot it and consider it a...
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9 Reasons to...

A favorite of military, law enforcement and civilian gun owners since its introduction in 2014, Heckler & Koch has upgraded the popular VP9 with new...
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Industry News

Guns, Ammo &...

It’s never been clear why so many people who panicked over the spread of COVID-19 — aka coronavirus — rushed to grocery stores to buy all the paper...
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At Least We Know...

From the moment Joe Biden he was putting anti-gunner and former Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke in as point man on his firearm policy, it...
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Hearing about a new ammo introduction is something of an occupational hazard, so when something comes along that is intriguing, it’s good to take a closer...
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The 500 S&W: Too...

I first became aware of the cartridge when Pete Pi (owner of Cor-Bon) called to discuss the cartridge and the possibility of a test barrel for it in an...
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Powder River...

Most people who follow the custom pistol world — especially the XD world — are likely aware of Powder River Precision. Founded by pistolsmith Daniel...
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A Royal Restoration

In the May/June 2019 Handgunner I spoke of Old School Cool. It was all about a very special Colt Single Action Army dating back to before WWII.
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rw minis 1911

I’ve handled real 1911s worth $40,000 and readily admit this tiny pretend 1911 generated just about the same amount of interest when I showed it around.
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Around 1995, if memory serves, Tim Wegner founded Blade-Tech in his garage. A classic American success story — once invested with scads of hard work,...
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fenix pd36r...

There are infinity-trillion tactical lights on the market — with good reason. A quality handheld light is one of the most useful tools around, whether you...
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A G-2-Three

AG-2-Three is not an artificially intelligent 24th century spaceship robot. Rather, it’s my Thompson/Center Contender G-2 pistol with three barrels:
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A Dozen Moronic...

Can a bullet “knock down” an elk? Did the old cowboy’s load their SAA’s with only five-rounds for safety? And more falsehoods undone here ...
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Making Better...

Until I wrote this, I didn’t realize how much of a Smith & Wesson fan I am. I knew I had a lot of their guns and liked them, but it really struck home...
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