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One and Done: In Search of the Elusive Survival Handgun

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Walther's New Flagship PDP Pistols

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A Working Man's Workhorse
Fast Company! Kershaw Knives Fans...

The history of Kershaw Knives dates back to 1974 when Pete Kershaw started selling his first wares, but nothing prepared the company for the explosion that...
Read Full Article Pat Covert
Sixguns And Lever Guns … The...

There’s no denying a sixgunners propensity for wheelguns. The very name states it. The diehards cling to their thumb-cockers while the more progressives...
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
The Ripple Effect

A recent online survey by the Western Journal — which probably would not meet scientific standards — provided an opportunity for the firearms community...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Robert Opel: The Apex Streaker

Never underestimate the lengths humans will go in their misguided efforts to please their particular curious gods. The Adamians, an early offshoot of...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
Cimarron Model No. 3 Schofield
Cimarron Model No. 3 Schofield: Old...

Nic Lenze sends some major .44-40 lead downrange on this week's First Look. Take a look at the classic 7" Model No. 3 Schofield from Cimarron Firearms.
Read Full Article Nic Lenze
Ayoob Files: Going For A Gun: the...

Situation: Snarling homicidal threats… A big man lunges for your gun and then appears to go for his own. You perform the indicated response… and end up...
Read Full Article Massad Ayoob
Carry Options: DIY Homebuilt Carry Gear

You can’t swing a dead cat in your local gun emporium without hitting some sort of carry rig for a Glock handgun. Glock pistols are quite literally...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
ATN ThOR 4 Smart HD Thermal Rifle...

Just when you think ATN has pushed the envelope as far as it will go when it comes to technology and innovation, they push it a little farther. Case in...
Read Full Article Handgunner Staff
Them and Us … Feelings of...

Puzzled, they just can’t understand our love for guns. Perhaps they simply refuse to do so because they’re so certain they’re right.
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
Regulate This

While the phrase “well regulated” sounds like a demand for government intervention to today’s gun-control advocates, it doesn’t take much effort to...
Read Full Article Tom McHale


J! S&W’s Most...

The mighty X-frame revolvers and the gorgeous handguns of their Performance Center notwithstanding, the single most popular handgun Smith & Wesson makes...
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SIG SAUER Custom Works U.S. Army Best Ranger Competition M17 Trophy Pistols

A new tradition as manufacturer of the U.S. Army’s official sidearm, SIG SAUER will present two custom M17 Best Ranger Competition Trophy pistols to the...
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Lipsey’s Ruger...

Lipsey’s, a large Ruger distributor, is proud to announce the release of their blued SP101 half-lug 3" revolver, making this 5-shot .357 Magnum
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Beast Mode!

The annual SHOT Show is not just a huge venue for buying and selling, but an incubator for building new relationships and exchanging ideas.
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.44 Wadcutters

The .44 Russian was a very popular target shooting cartridge and around 1900 a man by the name of Himmelwright designed a better bullet for target shooting.
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Basic Gunsmithing:

Maybe you’ve bought a nice used gun and are trying hard to ignore the elephant in the room — a squished and otherwise bunged-up screw head. When I was...
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