The New Colt Python

A Delightful Retro-Surprise

Les Baer's American Handgunner Special Edition 1911 .45 ACP

The Readers' 'Dream-Gun!'

Budget Beaters

Affordable Handgun Happiness

Springfield Armory's Micro-Compact Hellcat

A Paradigm Makeover For 9mm Carry Guns?

Retro Time Machines

The Tec-9 And .22

SIG'S P320 X5 Legion
& P365 XL

These 9mm Opposites — Unite!

American Handgunner 1911

Special Edition .45 ACP 1911 In collaboration with Les Baer Custom

Kimber 9mm EVO SP (CS)

Kimber's 'Ultimate' CCW Pistols?

Honor Guard 9mm

An Everyday EDC

Hellcat X2 Commander 9mm

Guncrafter's 18-Round Personal Defender


Devil Dog Arms 10mm 1911

Any true handgunner will have at least one if not several 1911s in their armament. John Moses Browning’s slab-sided, semi-auto is the most revered and respected repeating shooter for shooters and curmudgeons of all types
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First Look

Protect Your...

American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington demonstrates Walker's new Razor Pro Digital ear muffs.
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American Handgunner editor Roy Huntington takes a First Look at the recently released Desert FDE Hellcat in 9mm.
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AirSaber For...

American Handgunner's Tom McHale has some First Look fun with Umarex's AirSaber air archery arrow rifle airgun.
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Ruger CarryHawk

Ruger’s release of the new TALO exclusive, the CarryHawk, is proof of their ability to please the masses by understanding their customer base.
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S&W M&P .380...

The call went something like this: “Hey Roy, can you break free for a quick two-dayer to S&W for a new gun launch?” —
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Custom .22’s

No matter how large or small one’s gun collection — actually ... “accumulation” ­— there are two, possibly three, absolutely basic firearms. Many...
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Loaded Fun With 231

I’ll admit, lately I find myself going back to the classics, powder wise. Namely, the Herculean powders: 2400, Unique and Bullseye — which were first...
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Outdoor Edge'iness!

Over three decades ago David Bloch left college with a mechanical engineering degree in hand and never looked for a job. This might seem like a recipe for...
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.45 Wadcutters...

The original .45 Colt bullet profile is known as a truncated cone or round nosed flat point (RNFP). It basically started in the early 1870s as a round-nosed...
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Lessons from a ...

A criminal opens fire in a church during a busy Sunday service. Fortunately, armed citizen security is in place.
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Was Thomas Jefferson wrong? Not about everything, just this: “Rights are unalienable.” If rights are unalienable, the Chinese people, all one-and-a-half...
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Learning To...

For 15 years my handguns and I have had an uneasy marriage. Dating back to my first firearms purchase — a Glock 17 — they and I have been embroiled in...
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Uberti Outlaws & Lawman
"DOC" 1873 Cattleman
Revolver Package

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