Wilson Combat WCP320 Carry

Combat, Competition Or Both

Taurus Raging Hunter .460 S&W Magnum: A Brawny Beast — For Besting the Biggest Game!

The Rock Island Armory 5.0 Radically Revolutionary

Kimber's Rapide Black Ice 1911

Hang On Tight To This 10mm Express Train

Legend Reborn: Springfield Armory
SA-35 Hi-Power

Kimber’s R7 Mako Compact
Optics-Ready Pistol

Numbers Good And Bad

The Trace is a publication financially supported by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg, and as the New Year began unfolding, it provided some...
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The Theory Of Evolution By Natural...

Today’s most modern concealed carry pistols offer capacity and performance of a WWII GI service pistol but now in a package that will comfortably hide...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
Casting Keith’s, Handloading & The...

These joyous and necessary purchases never saved me a dime casting and reloading my own ammo. It just allowed me to shoot a heck of a lot more.
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
Shooting Iron A Milestone Single Action

There is one handgun in my racks, however, that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling every time it’s in my hands. It was made by the now-defunct United States...
Read Full Article Mike "Duke" Venturino
Killer Cows

A dear friend came up in the 1930s on a rural Mississippi farm. Growing up on a farm is a bit of a trope in the modern era. Back in the days before World...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
nighthawk president in 30 super carry
Nighthawk Custom President In .30...

The Nighthawk President is one classy handgun. Follow along as Nic Lenze gives you the details.
Read Full Article Nic Lenze
Guncrank Diaries How Was Your Day?

I don’t recall ever doing a full twelve hours in the urban ER where I learned my craft without at least one gunshot wound. The record was seven. People...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
The Sixguns Of Jack Huntington

A good sixgunsmith is an artist; and every artist signs his work either deliberately or creatively. There are at least a dozen gunsmiths whose work I...
Read Full Article John Taffin
Prior To The Peacemaker

Before the Colt Peacemaker? Before the Colt Peacemaker there was a whole boatload of other Colt single action revolvers.
Read Full Article Mike "Duke" Venturino
streamlight protac 2.0 and TLR-8 Sub
Streamlight ProTac 2.0 & TLR-8 Sub

This year at SHOT Show 2023, Streamlight announced a variety of new lights for just as many purposes. Tom McHale takes a look at the three new ProTac 2.0...
Read Full Article Tom McHale

North American Arms Earl
Mini-Revolver Prize Package

Enter To Win New Amazing Prizes Every Month


S&W's Model 986 9mm

When His Editorship suggested I do some work with a Smith & Wesson Performance Center gun I was eager to jump on the ship. This was until I found out the...
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EAA Girsan MC P35
A Turkish...

EAA’s newly introduced MC P35, manufactured in Turkey by Girsan, is a faithful reproduction of the proven Hi-Power design and retails for a shockingly...
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The Frankengun &...

The “Frankengun.” I call it beautiful — and slick, sleek and seductive, a perfect packin’ piece, with plenty of personality. Did I mention it’s...
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I never imagined concealed carry could be so comfortable. 1791 Gunleather’s Smooth Concealment Holster is the very first IWB holster I’ve forgotten...
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Improve Your...

Decades of teaching has shown the value of proven drills for self-assessment, especially when comparative standards are applied.
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Custom Grips:...

As shooters, we’re fortunate to be living in a time when the most talented gunsmiths, grip makers and leather workers are plying their trades.
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guns and gear we've ruined
Gross Negligence: The Guns...

Nobody's perfect! This is especially true of the Gun Cranks. Brent Wheat, Tom McHale, Roy Huntington, and Erick Gelhaus confess to all of the guns and gear...
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shot show 2023 rewind
SHOT Show 2023 Rewind

The Gun Cranks, along with some special guests, broadcasted live throughout the week from SHOT Show 2023. Tune in for what you may have missed!
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shooting trends
Shooting Trends We Can't Stand

The shooting community is like any other and is not immune to annoying trends. Join the herd as Brent Wheat, Roy Huntington, Tom McHale and Erick Gelhaus...
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