Gemini Customs:
Improving The Proven

Sublime .44 Special/.357 Magnums

Heizer's PK045

.45 ACP In A 9mm Package!

Ruger Custom Shop SR1911

Hand-Crafted 9mm Fun-Gun!

Pocket Power Perfected

Springfield's XD-S Mod.2 .45 ACP Is
Mechanically Elegant And Armored-Vehicle Tough!

Dan Wesson Turns 50

A Celebration Of Origins — And Excellence!

Competition And Defense

EAA's Thoughtful Duo

S&W M&P .380 Shield EZ

A Carry Quandary — Quashed!


Colt's Cartridge Conversions

With this installment we reach a fascinating type of Colt single action revolver — the Cartridge Conversions. That’s a misnomer because it implies this genre of revolver was actually converted: that is revolvers that were already built as cap and ball...
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The Next Generation Of Ammunition

Inceptor’s ARX Preferred Defense Line of ammunition leverages the
latest technologies to create the next generation of defense.

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Kimber EVO SP (CS) Pistol Package

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