• Taurus G3 9mm

    Sometimes we at Handgunner take a little heat for highlighting guns requiring a letter of credit from a Swiss bank to buy. I get it.

  • Kimber's 10mm Super Jägare

    It seems every time I turn around, gun manufacturers are introducing new 10mm pistols. What’s up with the resurgence of the Centimeter?

  • Kahr TP9 GEN2 Premium

    When Justin Moon started Kahr, it was mostly due to his own frustration at not having a suitable 9mm-style auto in a small enough package to be convenient to carry.

  • A Kimber Trio .380 & 9mm

    While it seems pink and purple may be “in” today in the “let’s get the gals to buy guns” market, in reality, many (dare we say, most?) women shudder at being...

  • A Trio Of Springfield Armory Nines

    It’s 1980 and the sixgun is king! Most police officers carry a revolver and the vast majority of those are chambered in .357 Magnum.

TaurusTX 22 Enhanced

TaurusTX 22 Gets An Upgrade

The TaurusTX 22, once dubbed "The Ultimate Range...

Streamlight BearTrap 360 Work Light

Streamlight BearTrap 360 Work Light

The Streamlight BearTrap 360 is a multi-function,...

Real Avid

Real Avid "Critical Carry" EDC Knife Series

Real Avid has entered a new product category with the...

On The Cutting Edge

As I was writing this, authorities in Sydney, Australia, were still investigating a pair of bloody mid-April stabbings, including one which left six people...
Read Full Article Dave Workman
Guns of Little Bighorn

The Battle of Little Bighorn is one of the most studied battles in American history. Occurring June 25-26, 1876, it was one of the most important military...
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
Ungrateful Wretches

If you follow the mainstream media, you can’t help but notice that America is pretty ghastly these days, in large part to a bunch of ungrateful wretches.
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
Comp-Tac eV2 Max Holster
Comp-Tac EV2 Max Holster

The eV2 Max adds to the eV2 model, namely two layers of tough leather. The result is a rigid backing, but the layers are also configured so the smooth sides...
Read Full Article Tom McHale
Magnificent Manifestation

No, it’s not. It’s not a Colt, and, it’s not an Italian copy either. Hmmm ... the mystery deepens.
Read Full Article Roy Huntington
The Marine Modell 1904
The Marine Modell 1904

In addition to countless revolutionary technologies employed by the German U-boats, submariners were issued with a most peculiar version of the standard...
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD
Controversial Death of a Cop Killer

Situation: A police command is met with gunshots and the police return fire. Lessons: Manhunts can take surprising turns, and alternate histories of what...
Read Full Article Massad Ayoob
“Oddballs” For the .500 Linebaugh

John Linebaugh was a genius when designing the very cartridges carrying his name. First came the .500 Linebaugh, consisting of a shortened and blown out...
Read Full Article Jeff "Tank" Hoover
To Sight Or Not To Sight

Historically, the issue of using the sights on a handgun is discussed calmly to a point of which technique is better — aimed fire or pointed fire.
Read Full Article Clint Smith
The Skunk Ape

This particular skunk ape was fully eight feet tall. He traveled at night, and his prodigious stride made the trek up from Florida a fairly expeditious affair.
Read Full Article Will Dabbs, MD

Inglis GP-35 Pistol Package

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Ruger Security-9

The Ruger Security-9 is arguably the best value in a domestically produced defensive handgun today. This new Ruger pistol sports plenty of whiz-bang...
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Rock Island...

Most shooters, especially if they began at a young age, started by shooting .22s.
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The new HK VP9L OR is the latest iteration of HK’s extraordinary VP9 striker-fired polymer-framed combat handgun.
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Carry Methods...

Whatever hunting carry method is best for you, your handgun and your particular endeavor, safety and comfort should be a priority.
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Fingers & Triggers

Finger straight along the frame above the trigger guard has to be made clear! Just “finger on frame” is not enough because the trigger guard is a part...
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Norma MHP...

The folks at Norma have been busy in the secret ammo lab. I've always admired their rifle and rimfire offerings, but haven't followed developments in the...
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text on blue background that reads
Be Prepared! Water for the...

There's one thing more essential to survival than food, and that's water. After all, it makes up about 50% to 70% of your body weight. This week, the Gun...
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Red text that reads
Be Prepared! Food For the...

The Cranks are back! This time, for a multi-part series on emergency preparedness. Let's kick things off by talking about food. How much land does one...
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red and white text on a dark blue background that reads
Should You Customize Your CCW?

How custom should your carry gun be? This week, the Cranks tackle yet another controversial topic — this time, at the suggestion of Roy Huntington.
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