American Handgunner 1911

Special Edition .45 ACP 1911 In collaboration with Les Baer Custom

Kimber 9mm EVO SP (CS)

Kimber's 'Ultimate' CCW Pistols?

Honor Guard 9mm

An Everyday EDC

Hellcat X2 Commander 9mm

Guncrafter's 18-Round Personal Defender

Ruger's 'Top 10'

Powered-Up SR1911 Delivers Downrange 10mm Impact!

Leather Mysteries

Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know

An Evolutionary Revolution

Ed Brown's EVO-KC9

Gemini Customs:
Improving The Proven

Sublime .44 Special/.357 Magnums

Heizer's PK045

.45 ACP In A 9mm Package!

Ruger Custom Shop SR1911

Hand-Crafted 9mm Fun-Gun!


You Asked For It — So We Built It!

It’s only natural the world’s best handgun magazine teamed up with Les Baer Custom to create an exclusive celebration of the classic John Browning 1911 design.
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Industry News

Setting the...

In the month since former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire anti-gunner, jumped into the Democratic race for president, many news agencies...
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Fighting Back:...

Hollywood couldn’t make this up: a David v. Goliath drama pitting grassroots gun owners against a billionaire-backed lobbying group, an unfriendly...
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Gun Control by...

Money is the “life’s blood of politics,” a fact that Virginia gun owners — now looking into 2020 bleakly with an anti-gun governor and Democrat...
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Single Actions...

From 1836 through the Mexican-American War, the War Between the States, the great migration West and even up to the World War I era, the single-action...
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Dan Wesson: Red...

To those of us still clinging to the sanctity of the 1911 and the beloved .45 ACP cartridge, technology has chipped away at our core assumptions leaving us...
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Lipsey's Ruger...

Somehow perfection never seems to last. In the case of Ruger’s first Flat-Top Blackhawk the time span was well under 10 years. In 1962 the original .357...
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Streak Ammo

Ammo Inc. — which has been around making more conventional but very high quality ammo for some time — has announced their new non-incendiary tracer...
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Sometimes, especially when hunting, muffs, even electronic muffs, can be awkward and inconvenient, especially if you have a brimmed hat.
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Baby Oil And...

So there I was rubbing baby oil into a set of ivory grips when I suddenly had a thought: “Gee, I wonder if all the people who have exotic grips on their...
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Every Day Carry

The commitment to carry a defensive gun daily is a significant one. If you’re new to it, you’ll soon find it can literally weigh you down. If you’re...
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Playing “What...

As a young cop, one of the favorite ways we youngsters would pass the quiet hours during a shift was playing “what if?” — keeping ourselves alert and...
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Are You Unstable?

There are times when shooting off-hand is practical — especially when the range is close. I’m sure there are some people capable of shooting a tick off...
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Springfield Armroy 9mm Hellcat Package

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