Ruger Security-9

Defensive 9mm Firepower For The Masses

S&W M&P .380 Shield EZ

Carry Quandary — Quashed!

A Light Touch

Nighthawk's Series 70 Colt

Pocket Power Perfected

Springfield's XD-S Mod. 2 .45 Is Mechanically Elegant
And Armored-Vehicle Tough

Gemini Customs: Improving The Proven

Inspirational .44 Special/.357 Magnum Revolvers

Timeless Tradition

The 1911 Through The Decades

Hodgdon’s ‘Annual Manual’ a Yearly Treat

It arrives on my desk every January, a magazine with so much information inside it immediately occupies a prime spot in a rack above my cluttered loading bench,
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First Look

Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP
Rapid Defense:...

Already available in standard and optics-ready models with and without a red dot, Springfield has announced an updated and upgraded version of the popular...
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Walther PDP Performance Duty Pistol
Walther Unveils...

New for 2021, the Walther PDP (Performance Duty Pistol) is the manufacturer’s new flagship handgun. And while it resembles the popular PPQ, its feature...
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Hunt Bigger: New...

Handgun hunting has become all the rage in recent years as hunters seek new and challenging ways to put wild game on the table. Paralleling this rise in...
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Lipsey’s S&W...

Lipsey’s S&W 642 Deluxe Airweight .38 Special personifies the perfect packing pistol for persons who perpetually carry concealed.
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Springfield Armory’s recent addition to their 1911 line, the Ronin, offers classic retro styling combined with modern “improved shootability” features.
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When it comes to sixguns, the 1950s were not just magnificent, they also seem to be magical. In the beginning of the 1950s S&W introduced the first J-Frame,
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Hybrid holsters are comfortable and stable thanks to the large back panel between your handgun and body. With a basic design of a Kydex shell fastened to a...
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This is brilliant. Got a 1911 with no rail and wish you had a light or laser — or both? Rather than fussing with welding on something, bolting on a rail,...
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In the 1950’s there were no replica black powders available, so it was strictly real black powder only. When I first started an — original 1860 Army!...
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Micro Red Dots

Trending among gun enthusiasts who carry concealed, compact red dot sights have found their way into law enforcement, too.
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1791 Gunleather...

One of the best parts of owning a handgun is customizing it to fit your needs. From changing sights to swapping stock controls for extended or ambidextrous...
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Admittedly, the Single-Action (SA) revolver is my favorite because of its strength, simplicity and the sentimentality I hold for it.
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