Springfield Armory's Micro-Compact Hellcat

A paradigm makeover for 9mm carry guns?

Ruger Custom Shop SR1911

Hand-Crafted 9mm Fun-Gun!

big bore meets big block

Like its Boss 429 Mustang namesake, this
1911 delivers big block performance

Springfield Armory XD-S MOD.2 OSP

Thin is In: Slender & Optics-Ready

Competition And Defense

EAA's Thoughtful Duo

Channel Your Inner Gun Designer

Build your Own custom Pistol with the gsxioo

J-Frame Gems

In 1894 S&W craftsmen-artists introduced the “Hand-Ejector” series of revolvers, assuring their places in wheelgun history.
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First Look

Colt Anaconda 6
Colt Anaconda...

Since 2017, Colt has been resurrecting its legendary Snake Gun series of revolvers. New for 2021, the 6-shot .44 Magnum Colt Anaconda has been redesigned...
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Ruger MAX-9
New Ruger MAX-9...

Over the last few years, micro-compact 9mm handguns have dominated the growing concealed carry market. Listening to consumer demands, Ruger recently...
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Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield Plus
Smith & Wesson...

The latest major firearm manufacturers to announce a micro-compact, high-capacity 9mm pistol, Smith & Wesson recently unveiled the latest iteration of the...
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Rugers For The Trail

I’ve been shooting Ruger .22’s and .357 Magnums since 1956-1957. Ruger first started producing .22 pistols in 1949 with the Standard Model Red Eagle...
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Charles Daly...

When you think about Italian Colt handgun clones, chances are you’re thinking of the many (and excellent) Civil War and Old West replica six-shooters.
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S&W Model 460XVR

There’s no doubt, most Americans like things big — really big. We like big trucks with big tires and big motors. Big boats, big homes, big farms, you...
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Connecting The Dot

Mounting red dot sights (RDS) on handguns is nothing new; it’s been done for at least a couple of decades.
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Champagne Taste...

Whether we fancy ourselves collectors, shooters, hunters or any combination of these, our typical answer to “How many guns do you need?” is “Just one...
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Rob Leahy And...

If you like guns, holsters and leather gear, along with workshops, dogs and great people, read on. While out in Arizona, I had a chance to catch up with Rob...
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Loving Ruger revolvers doesn’t mean I’m not aware of their minor shortcomings.
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Double Action...

Hated by Jeff Cooper, loved by police liability lawyers, double action only (DAO) duty pistols are a breed all their own.
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Hauling Heavy...

Chest rigs and hunting handguns go together like ice cream and peach cobbler. Large, heavy hunting handguns can be a bit more challenging to carry than a...
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