SIG'S P320 X5 Legion
& P365 XL

These 9mm Opposites — Unite!

American Handgunner 1911

Special Edition .45 ACP 1911 In collaboration with Les Baer Custom

Kimber 9mm EVO SP (CS)

Kimber's 'Ultimate' CCW Pistols?

Honor Guard 9mm

An Everyday EDC

Hellcat X2 Commander 9mm

Guncrafter's 18-Round Personal Defender

Ruger's 'Top 10'

Powered-Up SR1911 Delivers Downrange 10mm Impact!

Leather Mysteries

Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know

An Evolutionary Revolution

Ed Brown's EVO-KC9

Gemini Customs:
Improving The Proven

Sublime .44 Special/.357 Magnums


Glock 44 .22 LR Pistol

When word of the GLOCK 44 trickled out, the keyboard commandos dropped their Cheetos bags and fired up their computers, yet again. These self-proclaimed experts wage war by logging-in to their favorite battlefield of the World Wide Web and spew goo about...
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Industry News


Last year was very busy for the FBI’s National Instant Check System (NICS), setting a new record for the number of checks initiated at a whopping...
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Five Seconds, 15...

By now, every self-styled self-defense expert on social media — and some genuine ones — have had a chance to weigh in on the incident at the West...
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The Dirty Little...

Last year, California enacted a requirement for background checks before purchasing ammunition. In the first four months of the program, the establishment...
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Ruger Security-9...

The three R’s of guns could easily be Rugged, Reliable and Ruger. Add an additional “R” for “Reasonably” priced and you’ve got Ruger’s...
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The Return Of...

In 1935 Smith & Wesson lengthened the .38 Spl. and introduced the original .357 Mag. revolver, which is now known as the Model 27. Built on the N-Frame, the...
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Sortin' Out The...

Life used to be so simple. When I started seriously shooting, sixguns had names like Outdoorsman, Combat Magnum, Heavy Duty, Triple-Lock and on and on.
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Why So Many Sights?

As the story goes, William Bonney and Tom Horn met in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Tom was just 15, Billy not much older — though he had five notches on the...
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Viper Holsters

Some things coming across our desks often look like holsters, some even sorta’ act like holsters — until they wear out, lose the gun or just plain fail,...
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If you carry concealed, it’s likely you’ve got more than one gun and multiple holsters in order to have multiple carry options.
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Top Airguns &...

Regardless if you were shooting cans or hunting the mighty grasshopper I’ll bet you’ve had some fun with an airgun. These guns have come a long way and...
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Competition And...

We have two sides of the same stone here, if you will. Both come from the excellent Italian maker Tanfoglio (say it like this: Tan-foe-glio), residing in...
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Affordables: The...

How about a well-made, reliable, accurate 9mm pistol for less than $200? That’s what you get with the Hi-Point C9. The “C” is for “Compact,” and...
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Glock 48 Pistol Package

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